Saturday, February 12, 2011


From my OC-Facebook:

I included all comments in an effort to show how we cope with the ups and downs of being a Physics major. Also, Te Lau's name isn't hidden because I've shared her youtube covers here already.

Jojee/Elvi got severe head-aches last Thursday and so I decided to cheer her up, via my Facebook OC-ness. I wanted my way of helping her to be subtle so I went down this route. 

Excuse the grammatical errors in the actual conversation,i.e.those found in the image - facebook statuses weren't meant to be word wonders anyway - at least not when the moment doesn't call for it.

And in the end, a lot of kind people come to my rescue. I look forward to making it through! Although that would mean I might have to beg Te Lau and Sir M for advice(read:tutorials).They're both excellent in this field, and since they've both graduated(with Latin honours at that), I figured I might as well look on to them to help me keep my head. I might as well reassemble the broken pieces of my study habits. They've gathered enough dust and cobwebs, anyway.

Focus. I need focus.


mutilation. agony. frozen in death.
Here's a tribute to our Zoology Class, my current profile picture. It's sad, really. Lives lost to Science.

And no, the Biology majors did that. I only ever dissected frogs in my life. Mammals are another thing, to me.

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