Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watercolor Challenge: Week I

Eight days ago, I came face to face with another disappointment: a chance presented to me , one which I was banking on, slipped past my grasp. To make up for what has become a bleak post-birthday flop, I went on an eating, a book window shopping, and an art materials resupplying spree. There is something gratifying when we spend and obtain the things we want, and this is felt strongest when we are at our lows. In a strange way, they serve to reinforce our sense of self-worth, no matter how transient. When we face upheaval, we turn to the things which, at that point in our lives, may seem slivers of hope, but I digress. 

Yes. Die over-analysis. Die.

As a student away from home, I constantly face the challenge of budgeting my allowance. I don't always triumph, but I've learned a few things here and there. Back then I had to let go of that need, to make way for the wants I have been suppressing for a few months. 

And so, after over a decade, give or take a few years, I am now reunited with watercolors.

                                     Abstract - 1/21/2011
Not too bad for a first, given that I was only given lessons during the summer of 2000.

                                                 Panglao Twilight - 1/22/2011
I did this at Panglao, since I was home for the weekend. We celebrated my and my sister's birthdays together since her birthday is just a day after mine.

I intend to do at least one watercolor painting every week, that way I'll have something to look forward to and I get to hone my skills in the process. I still have to uploaded a third painting I did over the week, but I'd have to get it scanned/shot first. 



  1. how cool! and dami mo namang talents. grrrr

  2. heh, thanks. the thing is my mother used to call me jack of all trades, master of the none, in a way, it's depressing. :<

  3. but spiral, we can have it all. i'm a firm believer that if you keep at it long enough, you'll be good at it.

    just don't ask lotlot. she's still trying to get her career on track.

  4. before I get there I suppose I'll have to master effective time management, among other things! :D

    is she even still around?! I don't have efficient access to telivision in Cebu.

  5. i think she's always around. like a bad case of syphillis. lol

    that's 4:57 logic for ya.

  6. you like talking of the morning! :D

  7. Damn straight! lol Disease talk is suitable at all times.

    Good night Spiral!