Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, I was not able to buy that Sinulog shirt, but hey, I enjoyed the impromptu mall-ratting with my good friend-since-grade-2, Chile! We go to the same school but we rarely get to hang out because of the proverbial busy schedule, so we got to catch up to each other last Sunday while dining and, yes, braving the thick, festive crowd of people. It was fun despite this, however, and we met a few other friends there, too.

Fun fact: it was my first time to try out Starbucks! Here's to my Nescafe canned-coffee breaks from Julie's Bakeshop! Well, at least I got to try something new for 2011.

Sinulog 2011 was a blast!

*I'd like to thank our sponsor, The Banana Booth, Ayala Center Cebu for the 95.00PHP picture.


  1. i hated the fact that i missed out on sinulog this year. i was there last year -- and it was my first time -- but i felt right at home in the madness and mayhem that ensued.

    i love sinulog. and i hope to get drunk amid the chants of pit senior again next year!

  2. hope you enjoyed the fiesta. never been to one of your events. sigh.

    how was starbucks?

  3. I like the shorter hair. You look cuter. ;-)

  4. claudiopoi: I still have to join the parade watch myself. I just don't know my way around here so I went to the mall.

    gillboard: I did! Why don't you come to one of the events? As for starbucks...it was okay. Nothing on the extreme side of the spectrum. The people there were nice, and so was the atmosphere. I'm sure they're two reasons why people keep coming back, aside from the coffee, of course!

    lasher: thanks!

  5. happy belated birthday! sorry, redundant ako. haha

    and coming from someone who used to hate starbucks but now swears by it, i think it may be a little more than the atmosphere. perhaps they put habit forming elements to make people come back more often. lol

  6. thanks, citybuoy!

    I do think that there's something to doing things over coffee, while surrounded by a likable group of people. There's a certain energy wavelength in that place that must make people come back. One of these days, I'll muster enough courage to actually write/draw at a cafe!

  7. You should totally do it! It's so much fun. At first, you'll feel all pretentious and shit pero after some time, you'll get used to it. And you'll find that caffeine is such a willing aphrodisiac for the mind. (ano daw?)

  8. I want to experience Sinulog someday. And speaking of Starbucks, ang tagal ko na ring di nakakainom nun. :(

  9. Nyl: I will definitely feel that way...because I'm a worrywart when it comes to what people think of me when I'm out in the public. o.o

    Hello,Will! You should see Sinulog in action.hahaha. It will get you high! Starbucks high!

  10. I still hate Starbucks because I never go there alone. It's the company of like-minded people that I like...

    Wow Sinulog... January pa lang ang dami nang piyesta...

  11. Why do you not go there alone? o.o

    Simula pa lang ang Sinulog! haha