Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mother Nature Strikes Back

It rained so hard at Cebu today that a few places were flooded. It's a sad thing, really - it reminds me of my childhood at Caloocan where I hated floods. They are extremely bad for someone with obsessive compulsive tendencies. I wasn't here for it, though, and thank God for that. I arrived at Cebu from Bohol at one o'clock in the afternoon from Bohol, where I spent my weekend at Panglao, but that's another story.

I'm about to share to you photos which I enjoyed in a perverse way.

Because the University of San Carlos' Administrators deemed it prudent to shave trees off the hillside.

Yes, there is a mini dump site at the back of the Science Building.
Mini dump site up-close. They started dumping here last semester.
This part of the walkway is actually 1 meter++ off the actual ground level.

The Convertible Gymnasium. Turns into a Giant-Ass swimming pool on Tuesdays and rainy days.

This is where we tell our bigwig 'administrators',"You were warned. You did not listen." I do hope they regret ignoring the protest against the ongoing quarry of the hillside for new infrastructure, which was participated in  by Sociology students(taking majors and minors) and the Sociology Major's organization and a few Sociology professors last semester.

*Photo credits goes to Reb's Nice Move Facebook Album.

Obligatory mad scientist HA. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. HA. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Man, this perverse mirth pleases me so. I can only imagine the magnitude of the Admin's jaw drops.


Dear Mother Nature,

Please keep reminding the Admin of their poor choice. We enjoyed your spectacle today, even if students had to brave flood waters, too. It's a small sacrifice for the great magnitude of learning out of this experience that everyone hopefully gleaned. I do hope we human beings get your message.




Please do not end the world on 2012.


No, really. I'm serious. 



  1. hala! grabeha sa baha wui. tinuod jud diay to ingon sa akong kaila na hapit abot dughan ang tubig! waaaaaah!

  2. hangtud liog daw sa may as fortuna! hahahahaha

  3. hope you're all okay over there.

  4. we're managing, gillboard! thanks! :D

  5. i think there's something really strange about pictures of flooded buildings. they creep me out and fill me with delight at the same time. i reckon you have the same feelings?

  6. They give me this message: you can drown on land. :) They're twisted in that sense.