Monday, January 31, 2011

Eleven Days Later

The considerable personal charm(check) and flexibility(check) that characterizes people born on this day suggests that they have the potential to become well-rounded personalities(maaaybe). Once they can build a sense of self-worth(this one's hard to build) and find a direction(boy, don't I feel so lost right now) and sense of balance(again, something difficult to attain), people born on January 20 can display surprisingly intense powers of concentration (yep, I'm 20% clairvoyant, 20% prophetic dreamer, 20% premonition beacon, 20% empath-not necessarily in that order, but yes, sometimes my screws get too lose and those things kick in, though not necessarily at once) and commitment(commitment? please. I'm ever-ready - over-eager, even. Too eager that it's past what's prudent.) that not only assure success(someties, lady luck sides with me) but also win them the lasting admiration and respect of others(talk about the things I crave for).
People born on this day have a genuine compassion(no, my compassion does not border sainthood and martyrdom) and love for people(well, I do enjoy the company of friends and like-minded individuals), and will go to extraordinary lengths(yes, I have masochistic spells) to help them. They are typically supportive of the underdog(of course I am, I have this teeny, tiiiiny bit of persecution complex) but when they are thrown into the role of leader(this happened in high school - I was elected as the student president because the other two who ran - the batch valedictorian and the long-time fail batch representative weren't ideal choices because a.)valedictorian would become too busy and risk losing the spot and b.)fail batch rep is a, well, fail rep, so I, being the not-so-neutral choice, won.  Fun fact: I didn't win in our batch because I had this reputation of being a sloth. I won in the rest of the batches/year levels because of my campaigning powarz. Over the course of my senior year my batch mates, bless them, confessed their doubts and plans to read:prevent me from failing. I was hurt a bit, yes, but was glad of the confession, still, because they admit to having had their doubts proven wrong by my deeds as the president. They said they weren't expecting that I was capable of being that responsible - even my teachers said so.) they can come across as dictatorial.(guilty) It is important for them to carefully consider their approach to leadership, given ...that their attitude toward the authority of others tends to be light-hearted(guilty - who wouldn't be? those in authority need to relax) rather than respectful.

Although they appear tough(people have told me I seem snobbish and maldito at first), the respect of others is extremely important, sometimes too important to them(hence, my advocay of the: all my pride is all I have belief). They need to learn to trust their own judgments more as they are usually right(something I need to relearn), Fortunately, around the age of thirty (what?! that's...11 years away!)there is often a turning point which heightens their sense of self-worth and emphasizes the need for working with their gut instinct.
Any carreer that involves dealing withthe public will attract these people(true, that), as they genuinely care for the well-being of others(and my self, of course!). They can also achieve much in medical and scientific fields(is this the secret reason why I chose to study applied physics?!), and their ability to communicate well means that they make great teachers(uhm, no, please. I don't want to be a teacher because that involves me going back to school!), counselors and advisors(yes, I tell my friends off a lot) and entrepreneurs(I need to learn how to be one). On the other hand, they also have latent creative abilities(psh, I'm just OC), and careers that put these to good use, such as writing(in particular science fiction)(no comment for now), music(singing hates me and I need to get re-acquainted with the organ) and the media, may also appeal.
People born on this day may go through periods of recurring poor health(...). On the whole their optimistic, flexible approach always helps them through but if they can learn to pay attention to warning signs they can ensure that they don't succumb to poor health in the first place. Regular health checks are important, as is an immune-boosting diet(ohhh, I've always wanted to start a diet! keyword: start) rich in fiber, whole grains and vegetables, and a regular exercise routine(alright, alright, I will start jogging on weekends this weekend). They may also find that alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and homeopathy (I still want my telekinesis+telepathy)offer them a sense of well-being and calm(several orders of these, please). Wearing amethyst jewelry or placing an amethyst crystal under their pillow (no one wants to know what's really under my pillow)will also help calm their emotions(they're talking me over...oh wait) and reduce stress(yes, please!).
 The life path of people born on this day(that would be eleven days ago, now) is to build up a sense of self-worth(/wrist) essential to their growth(yes, I want to grow three more inches...growee do not fail me). Once they feel confident enough to progress, their destiny is to create harmony in the worly by showing everyone a way forward(so, am I the Obi-wan to an Anakin somewhere?!).
The above is basically a rough summary of myself, my many eccentricities aside.
Late birthday post is late, but, ah, well: Belated Happy New Year to me! 


  1. and i am late, too. my greeting, that is.

    belated happy birthday, spiral prince.

    eccentric? join the club! hahaha

  2. thank you, geek!

    glad to be part of the club! :D