Friday, December 10, 2010


If I found myself in that situation, I'd have done worse. My father's suspected concubine would have found surgery futile to repair her  twice ugly bashed-in face. I may maintain a calm, happy-go-lucky exterior, but the rage and the hate is buried deep. If I were to let this much emotion drive my actions, then I'd have slain someone without remorse, most likely the concubine in question.

Sometimes I think I have the potential of becoming a murderer. In fact, I feel like a psycho now to have put this out in the open, but it helps me exhaust my immediate anger.


Another incoherent post, and it was supposed to be the Christmas season.


  1. i guess this is just another case of mind-setting. i mean, we are brought up to be monogamous but i have met women in the islamic world where they are well prepared to accept their husband having a second or a third wife. sometimes, they [the existing wives] are even willing to look for the husband's extra partner[s]. interesting. :)

  2. Exactly, the thing is if the people involved aren't from that religion then they become partners in the home wrecking crime.