Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lusternia Artisanals: November success and December WIP

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when Lusternia's Artisanal and Bardic results for November came out. I wasn't expecting my entry to be ranked as a runner-up! I was thinking of it receiving a merit award(especially since I didn't realize it looked very awkward because I forgot to at least show the silhouette of the other leg), but things turned out great and I'm happy fort it!

Frost cold be failing heart; and frail be fading life; wan warm be trickling blood, wet slick be redcap blade; brass loud be redcap rave; and sated be bloody thirst; wane now shall Blood Hunt be.
This is my take on the infamous redcap, a type of fae which my character, Siam Star-eyes is able to summon in-game. Okay I'm sounding like a geek now. Anyway, I'll be sharing my current work-in-progress, which is my take on the slaugh.

By the way, this is how a Lusternian slaugh looks like:
Clad in flowing violet robes, this slaugh has an aura of arrogance so strong that it is almost palpable, her nose turned high into the air and her derisive gaze sweeping the area. She has a willowy form, and is starkly beautiful, her smooth nose and sparkling lavender eyes contrasting sharply with her callously curved mouth and contemptuous stance. Glittering rings and bracelets adorn her hands and arms, and the cut of her garments and quality of the materials, as well as her rather conceited demeanour, make it readily apparent that this fae is of noble origins. Noble lineage notwithstanding, however, she does not appear virtuous or true in any way, her cruel smile ever present and the slight impression of vindictiveness obvious around her.
A slaugh seems to be unafraid.
She weighs about 130 pounds.
She is loyal to Siam Star-eyes.
A slaugh is holding:
This is how a Lusternian redcap looks like:
Short and stocky, this redcap is immediately recognisable due to its namesake red hat, which upon closer inspection can be seen to be dyed its scarlet colour by constantly flowing blood, kept fresh and liquid by the magic of the creature. Its arms taper down into hands bearing three long fingers, tipped with the long, wicked claws that are its primary weapons. There is none of the usual mischief evident in Fae in this redcap, simply malicious intent shining through his crimson eyes. A constant low sniggering accompanies the clunk of its iron boots, their thickness and apparent solidity seeming incongruous on such a small creature. Nevertheless its movements are unbelievably swift, the heavy boots somehow no obstacle to this strange Fae.
A redcap seems to be unafraid.
He weighs about 100 pounds.
He is loyal to Siam Star-eyes.
A redcap is holding:


Line art:

I still need to fix her face - her lips and nose are off!

I intend to colour it using gradients and airbrushing.

Here's a sample of my noob airbrushing, with a mouse as usual:  

God, those lips are off. I really have to practice a lot.

All of these drawings were done in Paint tool SAI, a program I'm new to. That's one more program to practice using. I hope I finish this before the year ends!


Here's one drawing that's almost two years overdue:

One of the reasons I haven't finished this yet is because I'm afraid. I want this one to look good and I haven't found enough time to work on this. I'm someone who pays too much attention to detail on some days, and I want it to look just right, but doing that with a mouse can be very frustrating. Oh well, maybe I'll do this during the summer.

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