Friday, December 10, 2010

Fox: I

"Why are you here?"

The words were barely out of her mouth when a blow struck the side of my face. Why am I here? I wasn't here to be beaten up, that's for sure. Why the fuck am I -

Another blow.

My erratic coughing was the dirge of the tooth that loosed itself then, unable to withstand punishment. I'm sorry.That was the best I could do. I said in my mind while I looked at the lone tooth before me, willing it to understand as it lay in a pool of blood and mucus. My blood and mucus.

"Why are you here?"

 My gaze was jerked upward to meet hers. Piercing. Sensual. Cold. Warm.

"I -"

Another blow. God.I was practically bathing in my blood then. One glance at my torso was enough to tell me how sorry my state was. I wasn't expecting this.

Another blow. I was already numb to the pain. It will all haunt me later. I didn't care.

"Why are you here?"

She had a point. Why am I here? I mused as blow after blow hit me. This wasn't a dream. I wasn't making things up, that much I knew.

Another blow. Stronger. It was strong enough to almost shake me out of my thoughts. Why am I here?

A kick. I toppled over, my head hitting the stone floor. Where was the pain? It felt as if I was viewing my fallen, crumpled form from afar.  Why...

...are you here?"

I realized then I had been grabbed by the collar. Why am I here? I mused as I looked her in the eye, willing myself to fall into their depths.

Why do we smile when we find the answers to our most urgent questions?

She wiped the beginnings of a smirk off my face with a blow. A kick sent me across the floor. Crumpled. Fetal. 

Another kick.

"I want to know who I am." 

 I sounded feeble. Defeated. The dirt, dust, grime, blood, sweat, tears, and mucus only made it all worse. Man it was so simple. I was a fool to have thought of it only now.

"What did you say?"

The coldness was gone, replaced by probing curiosity. Her brows were arched, but they weren't there to mock me. They were real. If only they made up for the lost tooth that lay at her feet.

"I want to know who I am." 

A smile. There was nothing to smile about my state. My bonds found themselves severed and a hand presented itself before me. It helped me get up. I needed help to get up. Pain flowered across my form as my bruises and cuts found the barriers of indifference thrown down. They embraced me. I was utterly ravished. They fed on my mortal pain and did so until they were sated. Until I was a husk.

I fell down on the first attempt. She didn't laugh. The same hand presented itself before me.

"Up you get."

I obliged in silence.

"Follow me."

She was already a few paces ahead before I realized it. I looked at her tall and lithe form as she made her way.

A deep sigh.

I might as well see things through.I told myself as I followed her.

Sometimes we have to jump over alien hurdles and impossible maws.

Sometimes we need to take leaps of faith.

Faith despite the hurts.

Faith despite the pain.


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