Saturday, November 20, 2010

Star-eyes, Jester Crown and a Spiral Prince

At times when loneliness presents his company uncalled for, and brings with him melancholia fair and wistful, I tell myself,

Silent Jester by ~MantraV on deviantART

"At least you're anything but ordinary...

We're All Mad Here by *behindinfinity on deviantART

We then dine and while the time away, under the dome of the sky - day and night and twilight. Our happiness is quiet and subtle, but even then we pay no heed to depression and suffering, late and uninvited, whose knocks, though loud and distracting for a short while, eventually fade into the background. 
And thus wan serenity swathes us once more. 

But dreams fade away, swept off by time and waking.

There are rare times when waking brings with it a single moment of clarity, brought about by a deeper understanding of things - of reality. This is the lesson the present brings - live.

Just live.

And so I will. 

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