Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Earlier today, boredom forced me to go away from USC's immediate vicinity in order to escape the pollution and the heat, and well, boredom itself. I finally got my hair cut and was loath to part with my hair. It has always been this dream of mine to sport long hair at least once in my life. Besides, it suits me more. I immediate went to National Bookstore as soon as I was finished, but I didn't really have anything in mind. My wandering feet took me to the non-fiction section, which I don't normally visit, and I chanced upon a big book on Origami. I hooked even before I read it, and I had to restrain myself from buying it on impulse since a good chunk of my allowance would've been sliced off. I had to be content with just reading it, and I hope it's still there when I get to visit again.

I fell in love with Origamis when I was still an elementary student and I really enjoyed making them during art class and during those saturdays and sundays I get to be alone with myself and our arts and crafts book at home. It was bliss. I'm afraid the passion for it went dormant until earlier today. It's re-emergence brought with it an idea, too: I thought of giving away origamis to friends this Christmas. I think it's sweet, plus the gifts come with a  personal touch,too. This would also be the first time for me to give something that didn't come from my parent's money. I really hope I could push through with this, so you better stay there, Origami book!


  1. I want one from you this Christmas! hehe...

  2. Sure thing! But make sure you're in Cebu first? hahaha