Friday, November 26, 2010

Lusternia WIP: Night Fae

Lusternia Artisanal WIP for November. I do hope I finish at least one of them! I'll be trying to color them this time using vectors, something I rarely do. These are just rough sketches - hopefully when I get back to Bohol, I get to make better versions using Photoshop. At least this time, I'll be using vectors, which are easier when using a mouse(Dear Santa, please send this Spiral Princeling a tablet, or at least let his father decide on giving him what he asked for - something he hasn't done for year!).

This might be self-aggrandizing, but, I just love how my scanned letters came out. I do love using good pens! I also love the quality of the scanned image. I'll be asking the same cafe to scan for me in the future! I also hope to get the slaugh's smirk right. The same goes for her eyes. That barghest sketch...I dunno what to make of it.

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