Monday, November 8, 2010

The [][][][][]: II

Years, like tides, have swept the world. I am one of the few who remain unchanged. Fewer still are we with good intentions. Of those with intent conflicting ours, seven siblings together, my cousins, kin and foe, are to you well known.


My heart years for its end;my verve fails me.
The well is dry.


Years, like tides, have swept the world. I remain unsullied.
My ways were pure. My ways are pure.
My ways are.

By gray road under grayer shade.
'Neath twilight mauve star-adorned.
Light rain flecked silver-blue.
Swathed in bliss; serene fortune's kiss.
Silent joy and salient hope.
Quiet content; quaint.

Shaded lone stretch; witness bent,
Of form and space, within, without, first beheld,
Soul moved and art inspired, by window syzygy,
Open palm; welcome stretched;
Thus warped and weft, two fates were:
Small and poignant and great and splendoured.


I still need to work on how I should finish this.

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