Monday, November 22, 2010

False Portrait

False Portrait by ~twofacesandaheart on deviantART


I was playing around in DeviantartMURO when I decided to practice. I wanted to make a self-portrait, but I doubt this looks like me. He looks too japanase/korean/chinese? I dunno, but his eyes are a bit too chinky to look like me. Or something. His proportion isn't perfect, either. Ah, well. I got to practice more! On the plus side, I've gotten more comfortable with using a mouse when drawing. I just need to get better at it.


  1. Maybe you should get that electronic pen for christmas so you can draw better and practice more hehehe

    your blog layout is nice by the way...

  2. you draw well. wish i could do the same.

    and naks, you have perfect proportions ha. :P

  3. glentot: I've been saving for one, actually. It's just too pricey, so the saving gets procrastinated more than it is actualized.

    gillboard: Thanks! And weh! I don't have perfect proportions! I was referring to the proportion -of- the drawing, not -my- proportions. :p I still wish I have perfect proportions, though. Especially on the tummy part. LOL.

  4. My goodness the drawing's pose is off.