Monday, November 29, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Everyone, please meet my good friend, school mate, and 'ate', Ma. Laurice Jamero! She has a very good voice and I first heard her sing when her band, Emanon, sang during the acquaintance party of my sophomore. I've been hooked since then! She's also very intelligent aside from being talented - she's the batch valedictorian and a cum laude graduate from Ateneo's BS Physics program. I hope those who'll read this will take time to listen to her! 



  1. in fairness, ineffort ko talaga siya istream. galeng!

    feeling ko, bagay sa kanya yung part 2 din ng love the way u lie.

  2. salamat citybuoy! :D

    sasabihin kong i-cover yung i love the way you lie!

  3. thanks wandering commuter! Te Lau already told me she'd do something about covering that song over the weekend! keep your fingers crossed!

  4. kanina ko lang siya napakinggan. i like this cover. :)

  5. hello, gillboard! Stay tuned for her next cover! Naks, parang show?! hahaha Seriously, though, thanks!