Friday, November 5, 2010

Dawn Ramble: Nagging Change

Nagging doesn't get people to do what you want. If anything, all it accomplishes is to have people conclude that your thinking is like clockwork: boring and repetitive. People will inevitably start training themselves to be deaf to you. Over time, the recipient learns to be impervious to you as a whole.

Nagging is rarely effective. It is not a way to get things done. It is destructive for both the nagger and the person getting nagged on. I am prone to flaring up if someone nags me, but I try really hard to hold back. If there's one good thing that has come out of this thrice-cursed act, it's how it lets me exercise patience. Actually, screw that. The one great thing out of nagging is that I get to learn new ways to feign deafness with the slightest hints of defiance and sardonicism. The greatest downside is that it also trickles down the crevices of my acid-tripped mind and heart into the black pools of my ire.

I sometimes fear my potential for rage. It is finite, yes, but there are moments when I find myself holding myself back from doing things which could drag me into something ugly, and it is during these moments when I get a glimpse of the immensity of all the anger, of all the hate, of all the negativity I've kept in check through the years using my winning combination of a happy demeanour interspersed with moodswings and emotional outbursts.

I fear the day I see red, before everything fades to black while I waltz my wrath away.


  1. I've embraced the evils of nagging---I engage in a verbal smackdown. Not really pleasant but it serves narrowminded people right. I call it "equity".

  2. I don't want to waste my energy anymore. I got tired of trying to talk people down over time. Nobody really wins anyway. I just endure them. Ignoring people tends to work miracles!