Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Urge

The Internet is a catalyst for my compulsiveness, as seen from most of my blog posts. There is, however, a side of my compulsiveness that cannot be gleaned from my blog - my habit of saving images. These range from pages of a manga to downright weird photos. I don't save lol pics and their relatives, though. I have no intention to waste space with such nonsense. I save images because I like them. I like them just because. Putting the reasons I like them is beyond me. It's like asking an artist why he creates, a poet why he writes, a singer why he sings.

I have no intention of stopping this habit, but at the moment I'm in a fix. Q's main drive only has less than 5 gigabytes left, out of 101. Q's other is no better, too. It only has less than 2 gigabytes left, out of 10. My personal folder alone is as large as 33 gigabytes. I've been deleting a lot of stuff - old installers, old pictures, project resources I'm not bound to use anymore - you get the gist. I still have to finish organizing my personal folder, which is almost done. I'm thinking of buying external hard drives but the thing is that they're risky. I'd have to make backups, too. Phooey. I guess I eventually have to change drives. I do hope that there are hard drives with memories in the terabyte range. Add that to the long list of things I'm saving up for. I need to master the art of budgeting soon. Especially now that Q's sick - he beeps a lot when I boot him up. I believe something's wrong with his memory, so I guess I'll have to fix that first before I tackle my memory space problems.

Ah, well. There's a lot to do during the coming days besides fixing this problem. I do hope I get to patch things up so my plans go smoothly. I hope I get to squeeze rest and relaxation in my schedule, too. Hurray vacation.


  1. ahhh sem break. best few weeks of college life. i'm also saving up for an external hard drive. i don't have space anymore for my tv series downloads.