Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've been asked a lot recently why I'm still single. It was even a question posed to me by our korean friends, who always asked the same question at least once every time we go out with them. I think they're just not used to asians who have mixed ancestries, especially tisoys, which is most likely why they keep putting that question up for me and also why they keep pointing out that I'm handsome, modesty aside. It always becomes very awkward for me when they do that, especially when my other friends are around.

The thing is, I can't exactly tell them why I'm single. Not now. Heck, is there any reason why I should not be? Then again, that question is partly something I use to sugarcoat some insecurities I have when I get wistful, but I digress. I do think it's obvious why I'm still single - that person hasn't arrived. Not yet. Especially now that I've had my tiny share of hurts. If someone comes along and dares to, then I guess I'll stop being single - I'll be someone else's half, sappiness aside.

Que sera, sera.


  1. just tell them there's nothing wrong with being single. :)

  2. because there's nothing wrong with being single. :)

  3. @gillboard and citybuoy: amen to that. :)

  4. It's fine... Ive been single since 2007. It used to be an issue 2 years ago, but now people dont seem to care anymore. Just brush it off, they'll soon get the hang of it man. :)