Sunday, October 24, 2010

Runaway Prince

I heaved a sigh as I saw the rapidly shrinking view of Tagbilaran's sea port.

Things will really change from this point forward.

I arranged the few things I managed to bring with me on such a short notice - a traveling bag with clothes barely enough for two weeks and my laptop inside its bag. Looking back, I'm amazed at how I mustered enough courage to borrow money from a close friend - enough to sustain me for a week. A lot of things wheeled through my mind then. I should definitely get a job. No, tutoring wouldn't be enough. I guess it's inevitable that I'll be a call center agent, despite having no idea what I'll do as one. Ah, well, I guess anything goes. Hopefully, my English and my TOR, which I still have to get, will suffice. I guess I'll do my best during the interview, get accepted as a trainee, and then face and master whatever I have to do as one.

College will definitely have to wait. I don't think I can support myself. Not now. Not yet. I'll also have to find another place to stay as soon as I can. I risk getting tracked down by my parents and relatives in my current boarding house.

The phone rang, but I didn't answer it. The wound's still fresh. I've been hurt and have hurt others dear to me. I need time alone. Maybe we'll get reconciled one day. Who knows? I don't. I guess. I hope.

I took a deep breath as we came nearer to Cebu's sea port.

I closed my eyes.


When I opened them, I saw the dishes on the sink before me. I sighed.

Another creative session interrupted.

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