Thursday, October 14, 2010


Phoenixes burn before their lives are renewed.


This afternoon, two of my friends were in low spirits because they think they're bound to fail our Physics Laboratory finals. One of them even cried on and off for quite a while. I sort of felt guilty then, because they were doing well this semester compared to me - I've skipped classes a lot because I lost interest, but I digress. It didn't really help that one of them said that she should've just followed my example - skip some lab sessions and just read things to get stuff like theories and backgrounds. For my part, I told her that I'm no example to follow academically, especially given my recent performance. I even jokingly told her that should she fail, she'll be able to add that to the her list of colleges experiences. I even jokingly pointed out to her my list of experiences so we could compare who fared worse, which I think was already obvious but I thought it might lift her spirits up a little.

My extremes list:

Ex-dean's lister

I'm not proud of how I've been slacking. I've paid, and I think I'll still continue to pay for it during the coming weeks. I still have to face my parents for it, which I'm still preparing for. I've also laid out a plan which I'll share here soon should my parents approve of it. It's really rather bold, given my current status, and the nature of the goal I'm aiming for, but at least I'm sure of how much effort I'll pour in should it get my parent's approval. At least this time around, I'll be sure. At least I'll have a goal. I guess that now that I've had my taste of failure as a student, I'll be empowered to do better.


I wonder if phoenixes feel the pain of the pyre.


  1. just think, at least now it's your sembreak. that's at least one thing to look forward to.

  2. i failed trig in college. it was a terrible time for me but four years after i graduated, i realize that it was an important part of growing up and becoming mature. how would we know we've succeeded if we have never failed?

  3. @gillboard: yes! in fact i plan to bum out during the sembreak!

    @citybuoy: true. sadly, teacher-induced apathy resulting to failures tend to make us more bitter. still, life goes on ;)