Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I oft see myself as a desert wanderer.



It's not so bad to look for an oasis, is it? I only wish to find people with the same interests as I do.



Daydreaming with glazed eyes and drool dripping from the corners of my cavernous mouth.


Seriously, though, I just heard of a cafe in Luzon where artists gather to do their craft while having coffee.


I've always looked for a place and a group of people like that. I've never had 'sessions' like that, unless you count my summer art class during 3rd grade.

Sadly, most of my friends aren't inclined to the things I am inclined to.

I don't really resent them.

Or my lack of friends I wished I had.

But in the end, we're all looking for people like us.


Kindred souls.


  1. parang nakakapressure naman yung cafe where everyone creates. it's a scary thought. what if you walk away empty handed?!

    i have my own little oases (oasises? haha) around makati. i could never write if i had a friend around so i make sure i'm alone when i go there.

  2. i think it would be fine! at least you get to enjoy the company of likeminded individuals, and you get to learn from them, too, in case of drawing/painting, if you end up watching them instead of making one of your own works. it's not like you're required to always end up finishing one work everytime you visit!

    i'm not really comfortable drawing with someone around, because they end up staring at me and it gets awkward. it's better if both(or all) of us are drawing, at least the silence is meaningful! as for writing, i can write while someone's around, as long as they don't bother me, or as long as they ignore me when i think out loud, which tends to be the case when i write, sans blogging in an internet cafe - that would make me look silly!

  3. true. they may call the authorities if you do that.

    i can't paint for shit so i guess writing's all i have. and really, i don't think i could do it with anyone else. it's like literary masturbation. haha it'd be weird to do it with someone watching.

  4. the great thing about blogging is that you'll find the people you're looking for here. :)

  5. @citybuoy: i guess it falls under literary voyeurism if one enjoys it? haha

    @gillboard: amen to that :)