Thursday, October 21, 2010

Memoirs of Melancholia

While I was aboard the ferry to Bohol from Cebu last October 16, I was bored and decided to peruse my old sketchpad. I squirmed internally as I read random thoughts I wrote all over the pages. They were borne out of my melancholy. Sappy, yes, but they make me smile. It goes to show how strong a force emotions can be. Some of these snippets eventually made their way to my poems, too. Others are still unfinished. I'm not sure if I can even finish them, seeing as I might have most likely exhausted the wells of emotion which I drew upon. I've decided to shamelessly share several of them here. Please be nice! These things were written over the span of two and a half years. Also, I doodled something to go with this post using Deviantart muro. If you have the time, please visit my deviantart page here. I haven't updated in a long time, but I hope to soonish.

One day, several years from now, I'll find your divine face content, and thus, my heart shall rejoice;and yet it shall ache for we can never be together;and so it shall lament as its feelings go un-confessed;worry not, my sweet, for I shall be happy for your happiness until the end of time.

I made 'ugh' faces as I typed this one out.

One moment of cowardice can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

I tried hard to sound wise.

It was too abrupt, you left us torn between the decision to hate you or to just let you be. You left us hanging, at a loss for basically everything. It felt as if a dear friend suddenly, and without proper justification stabbed you in the back. You left us at a loss for answers. Why did you leave? Why did you throw everything away?

Would you believe that I wrote this for a game?

I'm a hopeless romantic.

Isn't it obvious? Also, this one's written beside a doodle of myself squatting with arms folded over my legs. A thought bubble above it says, "I wonder if you see my faith."

Tonight, I am Pygmalion and you are my sorrow and joy.
Galatea. Don't leave me for the stars.

This is part of a poem I wrote when I liked a particular drawing a little more than what is healthy.
I never finished the poem, but I guess I'll finish it one of these days.

Damn, I melt under your gaze.
My heart flutters. I see your face.

Another part of an unfinished poem.

We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go.

Take caution in disturbing the stillness of pools.


That's all I'll share for now.

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