Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Kid and the Caterpillar

As I was on my way to the internet cafe from my boarding house this afternoon, I met a little kid about the age of 10 heading towards the opposite direction. He suddenly stopped and stooped down to pick something up and placed it on top of the morning glory plant by the roadside. The kid was still bending over the plant and was seeing to it that the thing he picked up - a large, green caterpillar was settled on top of the leaf he placed it. After being satisfied, he straightened up and headed on his way. The scene didn't really mean anything to me at first and so I continued walking, when the power, innocence, and greatness of the act hit me. It was so overpowering that I decided to blog about it, which I am doing now, but sadly, when I returned to get a picture of the caterpillar, it was nowhere to be found. Apparently, the power of its camouflage only served to swathe the scene with a mystique that befits it.

I won't go on and on talking about my recent acceptance and awakening regarding the forces of the world, and of course, I won't take a jab at CBCP's blatant disregard for what's written in the Philippine Constitution, for which I think this statement does already, but I think it would do us all some semblance of good if we step back and take a second look at the things in the anecdote - there's a lot to see and interpret, really. The reinforcement of symbols within symbols just can't be ignored: from the caterpillar, part of the cycle that involves metamorphosis, to the innocence and surprising concern of the kid;from the ground where the caterpillar fell, to the little piece of what would seem like a sanctuary to the caterpillar: the morning glory by the roadside;from my indifferent glance, to the sudden realization after I've walked a few meters past it.

I think it all boils down to the one of the greatest truths in the world: miracles happen everyday, and oft in surprising ways.


Are you observant enough to see the fallen caterpillar by the roadside?

Would you pick it up if you see it?


  1. I like this post. Succinct and honest. Nice one, Spiral Prince!