Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I miss writing in my native tongue. The last time I wrote something in Filipino was last year, for my Filipino 1 class. I'm not sure if it's because I learned Filipino before Bisaya, but I've always usually loved it more than my classmates from elementary, highschool, and college. I recently came across blogs by Filipinos written in Filipino and my appreciation for the language went up by several notches. Somehow, it was a reminder to me that I should use the language more. Ironically, I'm writing this post in English, but that's just because I've yet to regain my confidence in writing in Filipino.

One of these days I'll write something in the language up, and I hope to be proud of it.


I'm looking forward to my Filipino 2 class next semester!


  1. it's real tough to write in filipino. i tried (and failed) several times in the past. it's pretty hard to get just the right words.

  2. yes, it's pretty tricky! but from experience, if you get to do it right, then you end up with a great piece. also, i have this thing for oldish(?) filipino words like: dalisay, sapantaha, etc. they just seem so...archaic?

  3. i write in filipino because that's how i talk, and i write the way i talk. but it's easier (i don't have to worry about my grammar and subject-verb agreements). i guess it depends on how confident you are in the language you are writing. :)

  4. i talk in bisaya these days, gillboard. :) i guess i miss speaking in filipino - i haven't really spoken in full using the language since i was in first grade(when i was isolated from the rest of the class because of the language barrier). one reason why i enjoy writing in filipino is that it reminds me of my childhood. i think, that if one is confident in writing using two different languages, it would all boil down to one's mood. :)