Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Me

It's been around 9 months since I started blogging, and I believe the time is ripe for me to revise what is written in my blog's intertropical information zone, that is, my profile, which I intend to do soon. I'm not planning to fill it out completely like a bio-data or an elementary autograph complete with a dedication. I have never been fond of enumerating every movie or book I've watched. Aside from my inability to recall their titles, it's just that I feel that they're already a part of a mosaic within me, so to speak, and that they're already in place - trying to pry them off would destroy the work. I just think that I've grown a bit. I have never been able to replicate a written piece once I put the pen down. Even if I try to, the new one, though sharing distinct traits with the previous work, would come off differently. My point is that most of the things I've written, especially the teeny, angsty ones have done their part, that is, to find some semblance of harmony out my chaos. I cannot say that I'll stop drawing from that pool to write, but I think there are things I've yet to tap into. All I'm saying is that right now, I feel renewed. I feel as if I've come to reconcile with a few things within me. It's like getting wounded and reacting bitterly at first, but ending up accepting the wound and how it came to be, and just looking forward to its healing.

9 months of experience have proven to me that blogging can be quite fun and meditative. I know that there's more to it that I haven't encountered yet, but I'm taking one nano step at a time. There's no rush because there's no race. I've come to know quite a handful of bloggers and blogs, too, though I believe very few of them know me as I'm oft content as I silent follower. I will never stop learning from them, both in writing and in living and perhaps, dying, and getting reincarnated as a better person constantly. I can only hope that one day, I'd muster enough courage to write with fewer layers and fail safes, and perhaps make my presence known in the blogs I secretly haunt.



And you've just been treated to a shameless plug.
Goodness, I don't think announcing this plan is appropriate, but what the heck.

Que sera, sera.


  1. i'm glad to know you're enjoying your stay in the blogosphere. :)

  2. whatever will be, will be (kumanta lang ako)

  3. @gillboard: i'm really enjoying it! :3

    @coldman: may kanta ka pang nalalaman ha. di ko nga alam ano kantahin ang que sera, sera!