Thursday, September 23, 2010

WIP: Star-eyes

A self-portrait of my character, Siam, for the MUD Lusternia. It still needs lots of love, though. I hope to be able to finish this before the month ends. Goodness knows how long it's been since I last submitted an artwork. Besides, it's very relaxing to draw! I've started work on a few other drawings as well, so I get to have something to do.

I basically drew him from imagination, which is a first for me, given that it's a digital drawing, but hey, I guess it shows that I've learned! I hope to continue improving, too.


It's yet another product of my obsessive compulsive drawing.

Did I mention? I like my character's eyes.

Star-eyes. Star-eyes.

For those who are interested, here's my character's in-game description:

He is an ordinary human demigod and is a gargantuan figure of living shadow. The darkness that swathe his form devour all light that strikes him, leaving no trace behind. Flickering orbs of sapphire blue and emeral green glimmer constantly, twin star-eyes untouched by the hungering darkness that surrounds this demigod's form.

Also, the fire rimmed things are scrolls. Since my character, Siam, is a demigod, he gets to have shinies, like all other demigods in-game. For Siam, he's constantly surrounded by spectral flame-wreathed scrolls.

And yes, I'm a demigod, baby!

I appreciate feedback!


  1. You are a very TALENTATED BOY! Hehe! Kidding aside, yep, you are one hell of a talented kid! Kudos!