Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strike Two

From my belief that all things happen for a reason, and that things are connected and will inevitably lead towards a point of synthesis, I have formed a habit of connecting one event or thing to another. As I write this down now, I sometimes wish I didn't, oft times I feel like I read the signs too well.

As of the moment, most signs point towards this one thing I don't want to happen, but hey, I can't chain people to me. I just wish that if they choose not to push through with their plans, they'd tell it straight to my face rather than making me go through the anxious and paranoid wait.

Maybe the saying that says intellectual people are stupid when it comes to the matters of the heart is true. Right now, I wish with every fiber of my being that it isn't, and that all the sacrifices, all the compromises I make aren't all for naught.

Strike two, Voice Person.

Maybe you aren't making things up, but I've found a sliver of reason to think otherwise, else, my trust in you and your words would've remained untarnished, and so now my paranoia has been raised to a higher degree than it was a few days ago.

I sorely want to believe only truth came out of your lips.

But hey, that's me, one of the most paranoid persons you've met, I hazard.

It has been decided: I'll keep Faith.

I just wish you'd call. That's better than a dinner-date, for now, at least.

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