Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here's something I made just a few hours ago - it's not much, but I guess it's a good start, seeing that I last used pastels to draw something last year.

Also, it was a challenge since the pastels I bought a few weeks ago were specialized in the sense that they're for ethnic drawings. I mean, they're different shades of brown and flesh.

The picture isn't clear, yes, but I'd like to put the blame on my phone's camera, and my room's poor lightning.

I look forward to making more pastel drawings, especially since I have a deadline to make for Lusternia's monthly artisanals.


  1. Spiral's eye,

    Does that art reflects the mood? Tell me.


  2. Hello Cio!

    I suppose it does. Looking back, I did put in a lot of work into the eye, and I guess out of all the things in the drawing, it's the most emotive? I dunno. Heh. Why did you ask? I'm curious now