Sunday, September 12, 2010


allow me to be vain on my blog

I'll always be more comfortable with phones which have keypads over those with touchscreens. Why? With keypads, I can press down as hard as I want to. A lot of my emotion gets released as the message is written out, helping tone down whatever I write in the message. Less vitriol, yes, but it also lessens whatever damage I may cause. Heck, I can just keep pressing down on them long and hard and find myself at ease after a while.

Right now, I feel like doing so.


  1. Eto lang masasabi ko: poor, poor phone!

    Spiral Prince, you need a stress ball!


  2. Coincidentally, I bought a stress ball yesterday. It's shaped like an egg, Lasherations. Yun yung itlog na dala ng wooden model sa blog post kong Spiral Studios! Hahaha

  3. Good for you! Keep it at them balls and not your celly when you lonely or maddie, okie? Hehe!

  4. Nah. I might chuck my phone from time to time. :)