Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I drift on and on, across the grey ocean,
with the sky beneath and above me,
above, a velvet vault adorned with stars,
beneath, a clear blue laced with clouds,
together they trace patterns of their own,
muddled glimpses of past, present, future,
memories, foresight, imagined; abstract,
ever do I dance between sleeping and waking,
but in dreams where both bleed and mix,
I find peace.
I find peace in my colour dreams.

I recall I dreamed of you, First, a few hours ago. You texted me and said the book was effing good. As with any other dream, it wandered out of my mind. I only ever recalled the dream, and you, since I saw your poems. I realized it was one of those dreams, again.

One of those dreams that gave glimpses of the future.

A future involving persons and things related to the persons in the dream.

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