Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogs and Honesty

Long blog post short, I have just realized that there are many sides to honesty. It's not exactly easy to tell which side of honesty we're facing in every day life. Heck, it's not even a breeze for us to tell which face of honesty we're wearing - we have issues, we have fears, we have doubts, we have a whole army of things that prevent us from being wholly honest. The faces of honesty, however, become more pronounced in blogs, it may be due to the almost invulnerable anonymity we can swathe ourselves in, but I digress.

There are two prominent faces of honesty that I have identified from different blogs I've read over the course of several months. There are blogs which are honest and impersonal. It is here where you find dark secrets, desires, fantasies, anecdotes, and a lot of other things which might make prudes aghast at best. I have nothing against these blogs, in fact, I find them very interesting, and, well, thought-provoking. They show us a different side of reality - one beyond the usual conformity that we find in society.

There are also blogs that are honest and introspective. These are the ones about the personal issues, ideals, and beliefs of the author, and these are prone to boring the reader as they tend to be long. That aside, length is not really the issue here - it's more of whether or not the reader can relate to what's in the article, or at least what he thinks is in the article, and should the reader finish reading it, he appreciates the journey he's had.

So, there it goes folks, a snippet of something that came to me as I drank and conversed the dawn away with Kuya Allan.


  1. of course, mr. heretic! by the way, i'll keep you posted about my editing thing.