Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture Frenzy

Earlier, I was on a hunt for a certain picture over a year ago, and as with any other search I do, I found things other than what I was looking for, and I got sidetracked a bit. As I browsing
through month-old pictures either alone or with friends and classmates, I realized that I have a new-found liking for group pictures. There's something candid about these pictures when I look at them now that I did not see before. Maybe it's because I'm in a mood to reminisce the past(ahem ahem).

Here are a few of the pictures:

With applied physics block mates during our victory party last year. Personally, I think this one of our better group shots, since we're all smiles in a calming sort of way. Well, I call this picture calming since our group shots tend to involve us in various states of hyperactivity.

With two of my high school batch mates, Circe and Kathryn(left to right) during our first year college. This was taken at The Terraces in Ayala, during a time when we were still dazed and very much prone to oggling over the shinies in Cebu.

With Lemour and Jon during our Math 52 Class last year. Yes, I doze off during class!

A very surprised me with high school batchmates at Maribojoc over a year ago. This was taken after our practice for Maureen's 18th birthday.

Still taken at the same place with the same people, but this time I ain't hogging the camera.

With the same people; this picture was taken earlier that day. When the sun was still shining, obviously.

Well, I'll stop here lest I flood this post with more pictures to showcase my vanity.

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