Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Miss You

I miss you and nightly strolls,

we counted stars under the velvet sky.

I miss you and the times we stayed up late,

looking at each other into the night.

I miss you and the awkward silence,

the awkward smiles, the twinkling eyes.

I miss you and our pretend-hate;

our pretend-glares, our pretend-fights.

I miss you and the way you understood;

your shoulders wet and salty, still you smiled.

I miss the way you listened; you endured,

my made-up lullabies out of tune,

I miss you and the times we were crazy,

we got dirty, stinky, but it was fun.

I miss you and the movies we watched,

one pirated dvd after the other.

I miss you and your unshifting gaze;

I knew you watched as I slept.

I miss you and your wake-up calls,

you were loud, so loud; effective, too.

I miss you and your patience,

though you prod me when I procrastinate.

I miss you and all there is about you,

I couldn't ask for more.

I miss you for being you.

I miss you. I miss you bad.

Come back to me.

Come home, Laptop. :)


I love the twist. Though I truly, truly miss Q.

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