Monday, May 10, 2010

Force Five Six Seven

You who spurn my hand,
The hidden impulse
Behind every stroke,
You who smooth the curves,
That which flows precise.

I see you in zigzags
In erratic heartbeats.
White noise. Cloudy vision.
'Neath swirling stars, you come,
Frozen for a moment,
And then you dance once more.

You are still, and yet, you move,
In sensual twirls with my mind.
Your smile both naive and cruel.
Now I wither as you wax,
Now I wane as you flourish,
Betwixt us both is a void,
There, you'll dance and there, I'll draw


My attempt at the blank verse style of poetry, although it's not entirely blank verse since the verses themselves have a progression. I wrote this now because I had a melancholy attack earlier, don't ask why - I'm not too keen on sharing it. Anyway, this poem's both an abstract and a not so abstract image of that melancholy attack. Besides that, this poem is full of symbols and representations of things about me, I'm not sure if many of those who know me will find it, though, as they're cleverly hidden, if I should say so myself. It's been so long since I've dabbled with poetry (and I also forget to place them here because I got used to posting them in Facebook) , but seeing a Neil Gaiman book earlier in a bookstore sort of inspired me.Comments, please! I learn from them, you know!

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