Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today, I decided to go to school wearing a really large shirt and straight cut pants. The result was that I looked like a follower of hip-hop, though not really that much. I was sure that it was bound to get the attention of my classmates, who're already used to me wearing medium or slim fit clothes, and the other people from the campus, since the outfit was not really in style. Anyway, I even thought that I looked comical, or even a bit idiotic, if I say so myself. Somehow, wearing those clothes made me happy, because I realized that once in while, it's best to not follow the trends of society. I was happy because it was another part of myself that I rediscovered - the part that doesn't care about looking good more than being happy with what I am wearing. I found happiness in the fact that today, I didn't really care much about what the people around me would think or say. I won't deny that I have a thing for dressing up well, however, experiences such as the one I am writing about can be very refreshing - a reminder that we are human beings more special than the articles of clothing we wear.

People are always entitled to their opinions, but the choice to get affected by their opinions or not lies in us alone. For example, as my friends and I were walking towards the gate from the study area in the canteen near the university dormitories, there were a few dormers behind us, who must have thought that I couldn't hear their conversation with each other regarding hip-hop clothing, or they could have possibly been tactless enough to exchange snide remarks loud enough for the one they were talking about to hear. I don't think any of my friends noticed, though. Usually, when it comes to things which may come off as minor details to others, I tend to notice them more, as is evident in the earlier scenario. I didn't get mad, though, only slightly annoyed - you'd think they should have other, more worthwhile things to talk about - but I wasn't really affected. No, thank you. When I decided to wear those clothes earlier today, I conditioned myself to ignore petty things like those, and now, I plan to extend this frame of thought to cover how I cope up with the world in general.

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