Friday, February 26, 2010

Blame the Sweet Sop

I thought my desire to blog has long since died. Who would've thought that a Sweet Sop would bring it back to life?

The said sweet sop is actually no edible fruit, but rather, a Queen who has renewed my interest in blogging. I hope this time around, my blog prospers.

I'm bad at introductions, so I'll take a leaf out my pseudo-blog in Facebook and place it here. Or perhaps not. Since my blog is new, I guess I'll have to start my blogging life right by writing something of equally fresh.

I love writing. It's something I find therapeutic. It helps me wind down at the end of a long, tiring day, should I decide to write something about that day's encounters. It's something that allows me to achieve coherence despite the immediate chaos I find within myself. Something that allows me to reflect on the things that were, things that are, and things that might be. Something that could potentially take me several hours to finish, and yet fulfilling enough to make me disregard the time that has passed. I could be up all day or all night doing it, and yet every second spent either thinking of how to piece together my thoughts, or revising entire paragraphs in favor of something better, is a second spent fruitfully.

Writing allows me to make my abstract ideas concrete in ways that speaking about them falls short on: where speaking of ideas makes them vulnerable to change as they get passed on by other people, writing about them leaves no room for such change. The echoes of our written thoughts are stronger than that of our spoken ones. While our voiced opinions may be claimed by others, our written ones are something we can claim solely ours on strong grounds for no two persons are completely the same, and on the same line of reasoning, no two writers can write something completely similar.

No two bloggers can write of the same thing in the same way word for word because they are unique. Their thoughts, their vantage points, and their opinions are as different as each leaf from the same Sweet Sop tree. They both string their words differently, inflect their sentences in their own way, and look at a gem's facet in a distinct light.

Bloggers will always have different ways in writing their blog's introductory post. This is my take on an introduction. And hopefully this won't be my blog's concluding post.

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